*Color of Marquee is neon blue like the title graphic  
The Plans The Wood Work The Build The Features

The Plans

The cabinet The control panel  


The Wood Work

Right Side Front showing coin door Left Side

Back with 2 removable panels Sliding Keyboard drawer Sliding Keyboard drawer

Marquee area Control Panel Control Panel close-up with trackball cutout

The Build

Painted, Marquee installed, Monitor and bezel installed Coin door installed and lights wired Close-up of Keyboard drawer and Coin door

Control Panel graphic I designed and controls mounted Anyone want to wire?

The Features

Happ Controls Oscar Pro spinner  


P4 PC outside and inside the cabinet Well Gardner D9200 arcade monitor outside and inside the cabinet  

Marquee graphic I designed, with a back light Control Panel to handle all the games  

Lighted Trackball and coin slots Basic idea of all the lighting  



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